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About me

I am a Computer Science student at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, currently beginning the second term of my Masters degree. I am further a student scientific assistant at the Fraunhofer AISEC, working on Quantum Algorithms for Cryptanalysis. I have a variety of interests in Computer Science and Mathematics. I also love History, Physics and Chemistry. Currently I am really keen on learning more about


For every LaTeX-based article, I have also uploaded the associated code, which can be found on GitHub.

Ongoing projects


Email:, OpenPGP key


About this page

After hearing about GitHub Pages, I decided to make a small page for some static sites on topics I am currently working with. By now, I have not written a lot, which presumably will not change in the near future.

Unfinished projects

I do not get to update this page very often, so I added a timestamp of the last edit below or if I forget it you can look at the repository

This way of handling the web page is very bad, in some future I will use a more modern way.

Last update of this page: 29.11.2023